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What I meant to say...'s Journal
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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
6:56 am
Hiya folks!

You can say I'm catching up on the posts here.  I didn't have opportunity last time - or for a proper into.  I feel like I'm finally getting to know you and think it's only fair.  (Did any one else just hear that song from the "King and I"?  *shrugs*)

I couldn't help but giggle about the "southern" style of communication in a posting down farther.  Not to be mean, only I empathize.  That was how I was raised.  My mother's maternal family came from the DEEP south.  Her paternal family is Native American.  She was raised DEEP south!  Trust me.  I am forever doing the "dance" with her.  When I first started meeting other people who simply stated things, (which BTW I now find incredibly refreshing)  it really rocked my world!  I thought it was terribly insulting.  Oh, I see the truth of it now....  but I remember.....

Please let me share this joke with you....

There were three southern belles at a party.  The first turned to the other two and stated the HER husband had bought her a new Mercedes, and HER husband had bought her a new tennis bracelet, ect. ect.  The second one awed and admired, and the third said "That's nice...".  The second belle went on to say that HER husband had just bought her a new mansion on beach front property, and a Lexus, ect. ect.  The first crooned, the third said, "That's nice...".  Then the first two turned to the third and asked her what her husband has done for her.  She stated ever so concisely in a eloquent voice that her husband had sent her to finishing school where she learned to say "That's nice..." instead of "F@&* OFF!"

And that's how I know Southern language.

But I'm learning Northern, too.  I've recently met my father and his family who are from Ireland, and live in Jersey.   (I'm second generation also)  And all I can say is good thing I learned some lessons BEFORE I met them! ^_^ 

I live in a  Hispanic community with people from all over (NY, NJ, CA, ect.) moving  in all the time.  Lots of misunderstanding around here, trust you me!

P.S.  I don't think I'm Rennie - there are no Faires where I am, but wish there were....
Sunday, September 28th, 2008
7:20 am
I'm not alone!!!!
Looky, looky what I tripped over!

Yea!  I knew I wasn't the only one out there who prized understanding as part of good communication.  I spend hours at times considering cultures and backgrounds for communicating to avoid misunderstandings.  I am teased a good deal by local friends for considering these things to the extent that I do.......

I would find discussion on this topic quite compelling, mind if I occasionally add my humble couple of coppers?

Current Mood: chipper
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